The Study page is the heart of the THRU the BIBLE app. Here you can experience our core Bible study programs by listening and engaging in a variety of ways.

  • Today's Study - a daily rotation in line with our radio programs

  • Start Your Journey - track your program progress on-demand

  • Old & New Testament book studies - choose a study on-demand

Today's Study:

Features a rotating daily study from the core five-year THRU the BIBLE study programs with Dr. J. Vernon McGee. Here you can get on "The Bible Bus" each day and go through the entire Bible from Genesis to Revelation, in line with our radio and podcast broadcast schedule.

Start Your Journey

This exciting feature allows you to track your progress through the entire program from Guidelines for understanding the Scriptures to Genesis through Revelation. Sign up for an account to get started and begin a journey of your own, whenever you like.

Old & New Testament book studies

These two sections of the app allow you to engage with the daily program by choosing a book of the Bible and listening as you please. So, if you missed "Today's Study," yesterday, you should be able to catch up with ease.

We hope you enjoy the app and we look forward to hearing your feedback.

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