When you opened the app for the first time on an Apple device with iOS 14.5 or higher, you will receive an Apple policy notification regarding tracking:

Why is this?

The use of the word track, in this case, is not about your location, but about your personal information. Because the THRU the BIBLE App has a personal account layer to provide you features to track your program progress and save your favorite things. This falls into the category of Apple’s “AppTrackingTransparency” policy, as a unique personal identifier (username, email).

THRU the BIBLE do not share or sell your personal information to any third parties who are not approved partners and careful permissions. Because the app collects this personal information in a variety of tools operated by our extended team and partners, and they use software tools that interact with third-party vendors like Facebook and Google (e.g., log in with Facebook or Google), we must also adhere to Apple’s Tracking Transparency policy. This is why you see the notification above asking you to Allow it or not. For more detailed information from Apple read more.

What happens if I select “Allow”?

When prompted with this notification, if you select allow the app will then allow you to sign up with an account. Then be able to take advantage of setting up a personal account to enjoy great features like:

What if I selected “Ask App Not to Track”?

If you select "Ask App Not to Track," then you will not be able to use the features mentioned above. To reverse this so you can take advantage of those great features, follow these steps: Go to Settings > Privacy > Tracking > Allow for Thru the Bible.

Once enabled, go back into the app and create your account:

We hope this has been helpful to give you peace of mind and begin enjoying the apps account layer features. Thank you so much and let us know should you have any further questions.

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