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Allow App Tracking Transparency
Allow App Tracking Transparency

Why you should "Allow" tracking on the THRU the BIBLE App.

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When you open the app for the first time on an Apple device with iOS 14.5 or higher, you will receive an Apple notification regarding app tracking. The word "track" is not about your personal location, but your personal information and app activity.

Why do you track my personal information and activity?

  • Enhance Your Journey Through the Bible: By allowing us to track your activity, we can provide personalized content tailored to your interests and preferences with a secure personal account enriching your systematic Bible study.

  • Support Local Broadcasting: Your data helps us understand where our teachings are most needed, allowing us to broadcast on local radio stations in languages that resonate with listeners like you.

  • Your Privacy Matters: We respect your privacy. We don't use your data for marketing or fundraising. Our sole purpose is to offer you a richer, more personalized experience as you journey through the Bible.

Because of this, we must adhere to Apple’s "AppTrackingTransparency" policy. For more detailed information from Apple, read more.

Select “Allow”?

When prompted with this notification, selecting "Allow" gives you the option of setting up a personal account to enjoy great features like Start Your Journey, My Library, and more.

Select “Ask App Not to Track”?

Selecting "Ask App Not to Track," will allow you to use the app without features mentioned above.

Change Tracking Preferences

If you accidentally selected, "Ask App Not to Track," you can adjust this:

  • Settings > Privacy > Tracking > Allow for Thru the Bible

Once enabled, you can go back into the app and create your account:

We hope this has been helpful to give you peace of mind and you can start enjoying the apps account layer features. Thank you so much, and let us know should you have any further questions in the chat or by emailing us at

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