Welcome to the THRU the BIBLE App

Continue your journey on the Bible Bus with us in the core features of the app.

  • Study

    • Today's Study showcases the THRU the BIBLE study program in line with the radio broadcast schedule*

    • Start Your Journey to track your THRU the BIBLE study program progress at your own pace with an app account. Learn more here

    • Old Testament and New Testament sections showcase the THRU the BIBLE Study Program on-demand by Bible book title

    • Additional Programs** allow you to access the "Questions & Answers" and "Sunday Sermons" programs on-demand

  • Bible

    • Read and listen to the Bible by book and chapter

    • Reference a THRU the BIBLE corresponding study by tapping and holding a verse

  • Groups

    • Sign up for an account to create a listening group with friends and family

    • Listen together and chat at the same time

  • My Library

    • Save your favorite programs as you listen then return to them under Favorites

    • Create a playlist of study programs to listen to them from the Playlist section

    • Download audio for offline listening and view your list in the Downloads

  • Settings

    • Profile

      • Manage your account

      • Change your language

      • Terms & privacy

      • Share your feedback with us

      • Current app version you are on

    • Media

      • Autoplay and storage options

    • Notifications

      • Manage your app-based notifications

Let us know how you like the app here or by emailing us directly at help@ttb.org.

*Monday to Friday is the THRU the BIBLE study program, Saturdays are Dr. McGee's "Questions & Answers" program, and Sundays are Dr. McGee's "Sunday Sermons" program.

**The app currently only contains additional programs since April 2, 2021. Please visit ttb.org's Questions & Answers and Sunday Sermons pages for more.

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