Welcome to the THRU the BIBLE App

Continue your journey on the Bible Bus with us in the core features of the app.

  • Study

    • Today's Study rotates with daily programs in your language

    • Old and New Testament Study Programs on-demand

    • Start Your Journey to track your progress at your own pace

  • Bible

    • Read and listen to the Bible

    • Tap and hold on a verse to go to a corresponding study program

  • Groups

    • Sign up for an account to create a listening group with friends and family

    • Listen together and chat at the same time

  • My Library

    • Save your favorite programs as you listen then return to them under Favorites

    • Create a playlist of study programs to listen to them from the Playlist section

    • Download audio for offline listening and view your list in Downloads

  • Settings

Download the app today in Google Play and the App Store, and learn more about it in the Help Desk. We look forward to hearing how you enjoy so let us know here or email us directly at help@ttb.org.

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