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Navigating around the THRU the BIBLE App

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Welcome to the THRU the BIBLE App

After successfully downloading the app from the App Store or Google Play, you can begin or continue your journey in the THRU the BIBLE study program with the app's core features. Here's a handy guide to help you get started below:

    • Today's Study showcases the THRU the BIBLE study program in line with the radio broadcast schedule*

    • Start Your Journey to track your THRU the BIBLE study program progress at your own pace with an app account. Learn more here

    • Old Testament and New Testament sections showcase the THRU the BIBLE Study Program on-demand by Bible book title

    • Additional Programs** allow you to access the "Questions & Answers" and "Sunday Sermons" programs on-demand

    • Read and listen to the Bible by book and chapter

    • Tap and hold a verse to reference a corresponding THRU the BIBLE study

    • Sign up for an account to create a listening group with friends and family

    • Listen together and chat at the same time

  • My Library

    • Save your favorite programs under Favorites

    • Create a playlist of study programs under Playlists

    • Enjoy offline listening with all your audios under Downloads

    • Profile

      • Login to manage your account

      • Terms & Privacy

      • Share your feedback

      • See your current app version

    • Media

      • Autoplay and storage options

    • Notifications

      • Manage your app-based notifications

Feel free to let us know how you like the app or email us directly at

*Monday–Friday's broadcast program: THRU the BIBLE study program

Saturday's broadcast program: "Questions & Answers"

Sunday's broadcast program: "Sunday Sermons"

**The app currently only contains additional programs since April 2, 2021. Please visit's Questions & Answers and Sunday Sermons pages for more.

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