We all know the best things in life are ones you can share with your friends and family. So, the THRU the BIBLE App has a way to share your listening experience with your loved ones no matter where they are.

This feature is available to users who are logged in to the app. So, if you haven't already, go ahead and Create an Account.

Now, open the Menu. Tap on Groups. You'll see the option to Create Group.

To create a group, you will need to first Name your group. Second, add a Description. Finally, Invite other app users by typing in their name or email. Don't forget to tap Save!

You will now see your group on the Groups page. Congratulations! You're ready to start your first devotion.

Tap Start Devotion. You can listen From the Bible or to Dr. Mcgee's Study.

Rewind, jump forward, speed up, and pause. All this is available to the group creator under audio control. Use the quick controls or tap on the devotion to open the full control panel. To end your study, tap on the square stop button at the bottom of the screen.

Group creators can access group controls by tapping on the three dots (...) at the top of the screen. Here you'll see options to Start Devotion, Add Members, and Delete Group. Individual members can be removed by tapping on the (...) next to their name.

We hope you enjoy taking your friends and family along a journey through the Bible!

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